March 24, 2020 at 11:41am | Matt Sienk
De-Cluttering your home is one of the most important steps when you are either buying or selling your home. Many people only focus on this step when they are listing their home; but it is important for anyone making a move.

Here is a 30 day checklist to make the process feel less overwhelming.

  1. Empty out one junk drawer - Yes! Start off with something easy!

  2. Purge your closet of the things you no longer wear - If you have not worn it in 2 seasons; get rid of it

  3. Go through your movie collection - I know DVD's were expensive but do you think you will actually use them or will you end up streaming them?

  4. Clean out your television stand - No VHS tapes should survive this process :-)

  5. Go through your mail pile

  6. Clean off your kitchen table - Go ahead and spray it down with disinfectant while you are at it!

  7. Purge two kitchen cabinets - Yes... tackle the worst one now... you will feel much better after you accomplish the dreaded "junk drawer".

  8. Discard old books - Put in recycling bin or donate to charity.

  9. Clean out your wallet - Try to carry less cards. See if you can focus on only 2 credit cards, Drivers License, Wholesale Club cards, AAA Card, and 3 emergency business cards. The rest can be stored in a safe place at home.

  10. Clean out your purse - See if you can get by with a smaller purse

  11. Purge your makeup drawer/bag - May the force be with you 😝

  12. Clean out empty/almost empty containers in the shower 

  13. Purge your bathroom cabinets

  14. Go through your families shoes (donate what doesn’t fit) - Same with day 2; only keep things you have worn in the last 2 years

  15. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets - Everything seems easy after you have accomplished the "junk drawer"!

  16. Organize your linen closet - Donate old/excessive linens to homeless shelters or animal shelters

  17. Purge your medicine cabinet - Look for expired drugs that need to be discarded. Look at your local pharmacy for medication disposal services

  18. Go through your freezer and dump old items - Any items that you struggle to cook; google recipes that can utilize that ingredient

  19. Clear off your kitchen counters - Try to have counters nearly empty (limited to coffee maker, sugar, flour, coffee canisters).

  20. Empty another junk drawer - YOU ARE ON A ROLL!!!!

  21. Go through your fridge and dump old items - Any items that you struggle to cook; google recipes that can utilize that ingredient

  22. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets - ALMOST DONE!

  23. Get rid of unused accessories (jewelry, hats, etc.) - Put in long term storage (Box for Attic) if you think you might need for costumes later

  24. Clean out your car - Yes.... it is gross.... yes.... It is your..... Yes, you can cheat and have it done by a mobile detailer

  25. Discard kids unused toys - These are great to donate

  26. Organize toys that are left - Wayfair and Ikea have some great solutions

  27. Go through board games and electronic games – donate to shelters

  28. Organize and discard cleaning supplies 

  29. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets - YAY!!! Last one!

  30. Clean! Get your newly organized home all sparkly



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